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Programming 101

I have had a lot of people ask me about how to get started programming. One guy said it best while waiting for the elevator one day, he looked at me and said: “You know we get paid way too much for what we do, when are they going to learn that”. The rest of the world is catching on and the technology field is hot right now. I would break the Tech scene into four groups:

  1. Programmers/Engineers (people who make applications and services)
  2. Analysts/Network Engineers (people who maintain computers/networks/servers)
  3. Quality (people who test and make sure everything is as designed and bug free)
  4. Business (people who tell everyone else what to do.

We are going to focus on number 1. One benefit we have today is the amount of knowledge out there for free. This stuff was nonexistent when i was starting out. Right now a kid in high school with an interest in programming could have a solid career by 20 years old with no college. Let’s look at some resources to get started.


Popular Languages

Learning Resources



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