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Does your heart rule your mind? GTR (not the Nissan variety)

I usually pride myself on being versed in the ways of the melodic arts, especially the sweet 80′s hair band genre. We have all heard those sweet anthems “To Be With You – Mr. Big”, “Cherry Pie – Warrant”, “Round and Round – RATT”, “Whole Hearted – Extreme”, “Crackling Rosie – Neil Diamond”. One band thou has eluded me untill just the other day, GTR, no it does not stand for Gun’s THEN Roses…

GTR takes the slightly less known members of other well known progressive rock bands and throws them into a melodic blender with some blond hair dye a few bandannas and a ace melting solo. GTR has band members from Genesis, Yes and Asia. You would think that it would be difficult to mix the desires of three separate guitar players and there personal forms of rock, how do you fit it all together? You jam three separate styles back to back in a five min long song…

Three different styles you say… Listen for these in the video below.

(0:00) – Average rock out neck wrenching jam.
(3:20) – What, am i in Egypt because i think a Pharaoh just walked in.
(3:37) – I believe this is what King Arthur listened to at the round table, soothing minstrel music.

Maybe i should give you a moment to recover… Get up, get a drink if you must. How have you never heard of them? Where did they come from? Where are they now? Some questions can never be answer and some should never be.

You will be accredited 20 Gehring bucks if you noticed the timpani drums being played. Now i have heard of Rock bands playing with Symphonies such as the Metallica S&M tour,  but a rock band with these two freakishly huge timpani drums only played during what i have dubbed “Pharaoh’s Entrance”. Touché GTR, Well played.

What amazed me most was this as of this post you cannot touch a used GTR cd for less than $30 USD. Wow that is lasting value, hind sight being 20/20 i would have invested my money in GTR cd’s and forgotton that Enron stock.

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