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Raspberry Pi + Z-Wave

A cool thing i saw at CES was the “RaZberry”. The Razberry is a $59 Pi shield that turns your Raspberry Pi into a Z-Wave enabled Home Automation gateway. It comes pre-compiled with Z-Wave wireless network management software which you can drop your own web interface onto. As long as you know basic HTML and JSON you can have an app up with no problems. Here is info on the API. If you want to try home automation and have z-wave hardware this is a great project. I know i am looking forward to playing with it.



Some Details:

  • Sigma 3102 Z-Wave Tranciever Chip
  • 32 Kbyte EEPROM
  • PCBA Antenna 868/908 MHz
  • Connects to PI’s GPIO
  • C or JSON baed API
  • Data subscription model for low network traffic

How do I get started?

  1. Order to board and a Raspberry PI.
  2. Follow the guidelines on the Raspberry blog how to load a operating system of your choice to the board.
  3. Plug in the RaZberry board, log in and type in the following command line: wget -qO – | sh -c
  4. Go to http://IP_OF_YOUR_RASPBERRY:8083 to get access to the demo UI.

Get One:

  • Website Purchases (link)

Z-Wave.Me c/o Alsanet S.A.
10 ch. Champ-Claude
1214 Vernier