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Raspberry Pi + Z-Wave

A cool thing i saw at CES was the “RaZberry”. The Razberry is a $59 Pi shield that turns your Raspberry Pi into a Z-Wave enabled Home Automation gateway. It comes pre-compiled with Z-Wave wireless network management software which you can drop your own web interface onto. As long as you know basic HTML and JSON you can have an app up with no problems. Here is info on the API. If you want to try home automation and have z-wave hardware this is a great project. I know i am looking forward to playing with it.



Some Details:

  • Sigma 3102 Z-Wave Tranciever Chip
  • 32 Kbyte EEPROM
  • PCBA Antenna 868/908 MHz
  • Connects to PI’s GPIO
  • C or JSON baed API
  • Data subscription model for low network traffic

How do I get started?

  1. Order to board and a Raspberry PI.
  2. Follow the guidelines on the Raspberry blog how to load a operating system of your choice to the board.
  3. Plug in the RaZberry board, log in and type in the following command line: wget -qO – | sh -c
  4. Go to http://IP_OF_YOUR_RASPBERRY:8083 to get access to the demo UI.

Get One:

  • Website Purchases (link)

Z-Wave.Me c/o Alsanet S.A.
10 ch. Champ-Claude
1214 Vernier

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CES 2013

I was at CES 2013 to support a demo we had running at the Intel Booth
(see story). I got to walk a lot of the floor and saw some interesting things. The overall theme of the show was BIG Tvs and anything for iPad and iPhone. The amount of accessory vendors was overwhelming. The main Electronics Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and LG made huge showings this year. Most of them focused on the 4K (4 X HD) technology as well as pushing the limits of OLED. Everyone had the largest OLED screen (How is that possible?). Here are a few things i found interesting.



4K and OLED

The screens have become so crisp that you believe that you are looking through a window into someones house not looking at a TV. There is a lot of hype around this but no one has talked about the amount of effort or cost associated with all of the production houses updating their cameras to film in this format. I think it will be awhile before we see 4K channels on our cable account.


They are soooooo big we will all have to upgrade our homes to fit them. Lets say the 110″ Samsung eventually comes down to the 3k-4k price range, where do you put it? Can your meager walls support the weight? Will to pure light output give you a tan?

Tablet Phone Accessories

Everyone is making accessories for your phone and tablet and the Shenzen province of China made a huge showing. I am sure none of us even knew how to pronounce Shenzen before Apple started producing devices there. They have everything for your tablet or phone. Cases, Stands, Speakers, Earphones, Toilets….. Toilets? Yes they have a potty training toilet with a integrated ipad dock to keep your child on the potty longer. I said they had everything.

Life Systems

Also being shown was a gamut of lifestyle devices. You may know FitBit as a leader but there were a lot of followers. Many devices track everything you do each day in a effort to show you problem areas in your life. I need a device that tracks my Cheetos consumption. I’m sure that would show a problem area.


As a “Work from Home” guy who travels to Philly every month i have to admit this intrigues me. There we at least 4 companies showing this technology. One of the companies Beam offered the highest level solution which allows a company to have multiple devices per location and a webservice that allows any user to take a device and use it at the location. Starting price for this technology? 16k. Is it really that beneficial?

Cool People

I got to meet some of my favorite Web TV personalities from the Revision 3 show Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides. They were both very cool and down to earth we talked for a little while about technology and had a great time, i hope to get to hang with them again some time.