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Lets all make great products

Have you ever seen a product on TV and said “Hey, i thought of that 2 years ago”. Many of us have what i call couch inspiration. Each day presents us with challenges that we each come up with creative solutions for. There is probably though only 5% of us that actually chase that idea and invest the time/money to produce that product. Wouldn’t it be great if we could pass off the idea, invest a little effort online and still get paid?

Welcome to QuirkyQuirky is a social product development company that works on one premise. The customer knows best. Here is how it works.

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Post a new idea, this can be just a description or even a drawing of your idea. Ideas cost $10 to post. This weeds out spamming (Coupon Code: BBRUSH) will get you one free idea posting.
  3. Quirky takes over with its process.
  4. Other participators vote on your idea, if its popular it moves on.
  5. Other participators vote on Name, Tagline, Tweaks to the product to make it better.
  6. After all the steps are completed Quirky produces to product and puts it in their store, they also sell the product in retail stores.
  7. As the inventor you get a cut of each transaction. As a participator you gt a share of influence of each product. If a product you influenced sells you get paid.

This premise is simple but works. Products people really want get produced and people get paid to contribute. Will it make you rich, No. Will you make some money for very little work, Yes. Product creators are averaging 6-10K for their product. Influencers can make steady money about 3-6 months after they start influencing. The more you contribute the more you can make.

Check out some of the cool products that have come out of this process.


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