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The iPad isn’t for you!

If you are reading this post then i am going to go out on a limb and say the iPad isn’t for you! Why not? Because you are probably technically savvy. See, for you the iPad just does not do enough, sure you can get email and browse the web but what if you want to torrent the latest TV show Blu-Ray disc transcode it and output it to 1080i on your TV. If it cant do that it must be worthless. For you, having an iPad is only going to leave you frustrated because you want more out of it.

We have to remember that computer savvy people make up a extremely small percentage of actual computer users 0.02% – 0.05%. The best way i heard it explained was a comparison of video game consoles. Lets compare.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Developed for: Avid Gamers

Total sold to date: 258 million

Sony PS3

Developed for: Avid Gamers

Total sold to date: 138 million

Nintendo Wii

Developed for: Families, Casual Gamers

Total sold to date: 275 million

The Wii is the iPad and the Netbooks/Laptops are the Xbox/PS3. That is why Apple keeps emphasizing that this is a new vertical. Apple is targeting a whole new group of individuals. This goes back to Apples methodology of targeting particular sub-markets first. The iPad is the light computer for the MASS market. Now, because you are tech savvy and you probably to tech support for your entire circle of friends and family let me put this scenario together. Your 75 year old gram wants to dip her toe in the technology pool. She wants to check out the “Internets” that she has heard about and start sending email. Between a iPad, Laptop and a Netbook what is the easiest platform for her to get started on? With a Laptop or Netbook you are going to get 2 calls a week. “Jonny, i clicked something and now my screen is blank”. “Jonny, i moves the mouse and now i don’t see it”. Instead of critiquing the new iPad you should be applauding it. For $499 you family can get a computer that does everything THEY need it to do and you won’t get 10 calls a week to fix things.

So, Apple will probably sell well in this market but they will also do well in the tech savvy early adopter market. Sure it does not do everything i wish it would but it will replace my 8.5 x 11 notepad. So lets not hate on the iPad. I think we will all be surprised on how well it does.


5 thoughts on “The iPad isn’t for you!

  1. But what if you own an xbox, xbox360, Ps3, wii, PSP, NDS, & a Gameboy Advance? I have a desktop computer, several laptops and an iPhone. The iPhone is the greatest gadget ever, BUT….the only thing that ticks me off is that I have to squint to use the Internet when I am at lunch or in a doctors office or waiting for my wife in the car. “I wish this thing were bigger” I have often said. A laptop or netbook is too big. I think I really need an iPad. I want one now!

  2. Steve Harclerode says:

    My friend Rob Rob is purchasing an iPad, but I cannot see myself ever writing stored procedures on one.

  3. Kyle says:

    I think that the iPad is for me… I think that you should give me YOUR iPad. Reasons:
    1) I think they are cool.
    2) You’re tech savvy, so, you dont need one.
    3) You have to display generosity.
    SOooo…I’ll be expecting it on my door-step tomorrow.

  4. I agree – the iPad is not for technologically savvy people. While it is a symbol of status and it looks really ‘cool’, the amount you can do with an iPad compared to a regular laptop or netbook or whatever they are based on is quite limited. I’d like to see them develop more features before they can fully compete. I want an iPad because people will like me more, but not for the features it offers.

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